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At Element Medical Imaging, we focus on solutions that optimize health care quality and affordability. But what really sets us apart is the expertise to provide quality, patient driven care.  We have been delivering high-quality care to the Kansas City area for over 30 years. You benefit from our leading-edge equipment, board-certified radiologists and compassionate staff members who offer convenient scheduling and online access to reports and images. With our streamlined processes, we inform and empower you with fast and accurate results that help you quickly and confidently get on with your life. 

When it comes to selecting a facility for imaging services, you have the right to choose where you receive you MRI, CT Scan, Mammogram, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, DEXA and X-ray Exams. With high deductible plans, finding the highest quality at the lowest cost is today's challenge. At Element Medical Imaging, there are savings to be realized without giving up quality, technology or superior service.  

Choosing Element Medical Imaging may reduce your out-of-pocket cost by as much as 50% when compared to the cost of a hospital-based imaging procedure. In addition, you will receive one bill for your service that includes the exam and the Radiologist professional interpretation fees.  We believe that being open and honest about pricing is a benefit to our patients and an important part of their health care decision. Simply click on our Pricing Transparency Tool to determine our best estimate of the cost of your exam or procedure. (Please keep in mind that the price may vary due to a change in procedure, labs or add-on images, plus this fee is prior to any discounts for insurance or adjustments that may be applied by your insurance carrier.)  

Element Medical Imaging Features:  

  • Same-day, Next-day Appointments Available for Most Exams
  • Less Wait Time
  • Convenient Walk-In Options for Mammograms and X-rays
  • Dedicated Women's Center in a Private, Spa-Like Setting
  • Personalized Service for all Patients
  • Specialty-Trained Radiologists and Highly-Skilled Technologists that are certified through the American College of Radiology
  • Extended Hours, including Evening and Weekend Appointments for MRI
  • Convenient, curb-side parking
  • Leading Edge Equipment (New in 2016) - Wide Bore MRI and 64-Slice CT Scanner
  • Transparent Pricing means No Suprises, Just Results!
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