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Our board-certified, specialty-trained radiologists at Element Medical Imaging are here to serve you. Our radiologists are fellowship-trained in Breast Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Abdominal Imaging, Neuroradiology and Vascular & Interventional Radiology - allowing us to offer sub-specialty expertise in all facets of radiology. Our high level, multi-specialty knowledge in all areas of radiology allows us to optimize and broaden our physician relationships and deliver high caliber radiology services to our referring providers and our patients. 


Andy Anderson, MD
Anderson, MD
James Bergh, MD
Bergh, MD
Corey Chopra, MD
Chopra, MD
Mark Clifft, MD
Mark J.
Clifft, MD
Kavita Gorantla, MD
Kavita C.
Gorantla, MD
Jeffrey Hicklin, MD
Jeffrey A.
Hicklin, MD
Jeremy Jagoda, MD
Jeremy J.
Jagoda, MD
Kenneth Koontz, MD
Koontz, MD
Terry Lee, MD
Terry S.
Lee, MD
Veronika McDonald, DO
Veronika G.
McDonald, DO
Timothy Mihalovich, MD
Mihalovich, MD
Richard Miller, MD
Richard D.
Miller, MD
Patrick O’Toole, MD
O’Toole, MD
Kimberly Roys, MD
Kimberly L.
Roys, MD
Ron Weis, MD
Weis, MD
Luke Wilson, MD
Wilson, MD
Milton Wolf, MD
Milton R.
Wolf, MD
John Yungmeyer, MD
John S.
Yungmeyer, MD

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