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You Can and You Should Know Our Prices

We believe being open and honest about pricing is a benefit to you, the customer, and an important part of your health care decision process.  

Patients seeking the most affordable imaging services are discovering that freestanding outpatient centers are less expensive than hospitals and their affiliated centers.  Finding the highest quality at the lowest price is a challenge for patients today. At Element Medical Imaging cost savings can be realized without compromising quality, technology or superior service.

To Use our Cash Pricing Tool

Select the area of the body to find the imaging exam your physician has ordered. You will then be able to select the exam from a list of available exams. The cash exam price will populate at the bottom of the screen.

Our price is all inclusive and includes the cost of the scan, any intravenous contrast needed and the radiologist interpretation and results.  Call us at 913-469-8998 to schedule your exam today. We’ll collect your payment when you arrive for your appointment - no more bills!

If the exam you need is not listed, please contact us at 913-469-8998.

Covered by Insurance?

We are an in-network provider for most insurance companies and health plans.  Please note the cash pricing tool does not reflect insurance responsibility.  If you are covered by health insurance and are concerned with the cost of health care services, we strongly encourage you to contact your health insurer to understand your financial responsibility for a health care service provided by Element Medical Imaging. 
Whether you use insurance or pay out-of-pocket, you’ll always save at Element Medical Imaging!